Garage and house slabs need formwork to be setup and concrete pumps to be brought to your site. The crew at can take on any slab project you have around sydney , and will work with you to ensure it’s planned out correctly and finished on time to our high standard like concreters in sydney .

Raft Slabs:

Ground excavation needs to be done at the start and sand pads put down to built the desired height of a raft slab. The next step is to put in steel reinforcing and plastic sheeting before the edge boxing is done. Before any concrete is poured, boxing is critical to getting the right shape, thickness and angle of your slab, so dimensions are frequently checked first.

Waffle Slabs:

These kind of slabs are seen more and more in new housing estates. Though they don’t have the same strength of typical house slabs, because they are cheaper they have increased in popularity. They are also MUCH faster to be put down which is why volume building companies use them in new developments.

Garage Slabs :

Even though home garage slabs are usually smaller jobs, we complete them to our normal high standard, and hand finish them to a grade A surface. Our registered concreters specialize in getting a smooth finish every time, on time!

Concrete House Slab Sydney