When concrete is freshly poured, it will need to be protected if there is any hail, snow or rain predicted. When a plastic covering is placed over the concrete, the concreter needs to be especially careful that it is not put straight over the surface. If plastic touches curing concrete it can permanently discolour or... Read MoreShould you cover concrete with plastic in cold weather?

When mixing concrete the ratio needs to be perfect. Too much water added will make the overall strength weaker, and cause shrinkage or cracking. If too little water goes into the mix then it will set dry, crumbling and breaking apart. It is one of the most critical parts of mixing, that just the right... Read MoreWhat happens if you add too much water to concrete?

What All Should You Know When You Go About Hiring A Concrete Contractor? All wet concrete looks good, even if you do it yourself. It's like paint. Have you ever painted and felt you did a good job, only to realize later that the work you did wasn't so hot? You start noticing those imperfections.... Read MoreAll Should You Know When You Go About Hiring A Concrete Contractor?

What Exactly Makes A Good Concreter? A concreter’s job is not all about placing and finishing concrete. While experienced concreters might make it look easy, concreting is hardly the easiest job in the market. The difference between good and bad concreters seems to be widening. However, the public does not need any more bad concreters.... Read MoreWhat Exactly Makes A Good Concreter?